Leadership Team

John Nobile
Founder and CEO

20+ years of molecular instrumentation development experience:
454 Life Sciences, Roche, Ion Torrent, Life Technologies, Tangen Biosciences

Brian Chirico
VP Operations

20+ years of molecular instrumentation engineering and Manufacturing experience:
454 Life Sciences, Roche,
Tangen Biosciences

Zheng Xue, Ph.D.
Director of Microbiology and Molecular Systems

Core development team member and lead of research team in the molecular diagnostic field for 10 years

Russ Pribanic
Mechanical/Materials/Process Development Engineer

Russ brings 50 years of expertise in plastics, mechanical design, manufacturing, process development, and prototyping. Inventor on over 100 patents, and experienced in developing FDA regulated products at Covidien/Medtronics.

Scientific Advisory Board

Richard Carroll

Dick brings over 40 years of FDA diagnostic assay and instrument development experience to NEH. He has been involved in the clinical testing and FDA clearance of 7 different diagnostic products, including the first ever FDA cleared gene sequencing assay.